Rebuilding Lives

Rebuilding Lives is an initiative to generate employment and skilling towards a sustainable livelihood.


While Covid pandemic hit India, we launched the campaign Meal First to provide immediate relief to poor migrant workers and daily wagers. Under this ongoing campaign, we have supported over 1600 persons multiple times and distributed ration worth 1.6 lakh meals so far.

Over 500 hygiene kits have been distributed during the campaign so far.

The Meal First campaign has now become an important component of Rebuilding Lives.

While working for the covid relief, we realized the ration and food distribution is necessary but is an ad-hoc solution. Unskilled and daily wagers need to be given sustainable livelihood support. A holistic approach encompassing many components of health and hygiene, education, skills training, capacity building and awareness must be adopted towards a sustainable livelihood.

Rebuilding Lives works with the unskilled/daily wagers/househelpers to provide training and necessary support towards a sustainable livelihood. In this campaign, all trainees are given:

  1. Mandatory covid19 hygiene training. Hygiene kits will be provided for their family members as well.
  2. Training in one or more in making pickles, namkeens, masala, Bakery, seasonal food items, tailoring etc.
  3. Fixed monthly remuneration during the training
  4. Free one meal for the immediate family of the trainee
  5. Free education to children up to 14 years in Under The Tree school and other benefits available to UTT children
  6. Other support like blankets, T-shirts, woolen clothes, etc available from time to time.

The trainees will be given completion certificate and to encourage entrepreneurship will be provided handholding support as well.

This is a long-term program designed to provide continuous support to the beneficiaries. We hope to reach out to over 1500 people in a year.

Rebuilding Lives works on a comprehensive model to provide skill/upskill training to urban poor and carries out various stages of the training programme, that is, pre training, during training and post training.

  1. Pre training stage
  2. Spread awareness and door to door advocacy
  3. Draw inspiration from the best practices and through interactive sessions with the women 

and the family members 

  1. Training stage
  2. Soft skills training and COVID hygiene training to enhance service delivery and employability in parallel to skill-based training in making pickles, namkeens, masala, Bakery, seasonal food items, tailoring etc .
  3. Regular interactive sessions with the best practitioners within the community to inspire 

trainees to sustain their interests throughout the training programme.

  1. Post training stage
  2. Placement cell for inhouse employability as well as to create linkages between the employers, creditors and the trainees so that they can avail themselves of better market opportunities and overcome institutional logs.
  3. Finance cell to link trainees with loan providers such as banks, CSR grant or any other credit provider

iii. Information Cell to creating a skill pool with alumni network will encourage exchange of ideas and experiences.

What Rebuilding Lives campaign gives is a start with continued support until they are empowered in the holistic sense.

What You Can Do

You can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of poor and unskilled workers by

  • Providing support for monthly establishment cost, training material, equipment and food for trainees and their family members and other support provided to the trainees.
  • Spread the word among your family and friends. Share on social media and organize support groups.

Who We Are

Started in 2014 to work in the field of education, Under The Tree has grown both in scope and scale over the years. We work in three inter-related fields of nutrition, education and skill development to create a sustainable future for humanity.

Our Mission

We take a holistic view of life for a sustainable future through social transformation and personal development.

To encourage, engage, and equip vulnerable sections through education to believe in the possibilities.

To build an integrated Nutrition Agenda that addresses the wide spectrum of diet-related chronic diseases.

To make the disadvantaged self-sufficient and empower society through a sustainable development model.

What we Do

We make a difference in the lives of people through mapping out nutritional, educational and skill needs.



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We make a difference in the lives of people through mapping out nutritional, educational and skill needs.


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