Providing Reusable Masks to the Vulnerable

Putting a mask on your face and maintaining cleanliness is clearly the best strategy to win the covid battle. Yet, a large section of daily wagers and workers do have the means to afford a  clean mask daily. 

At Under The Tree, we have been providing quality reusable masks to the vulnerable sections for free. The objective is to bring about a behavioural change among the health habits of the workers. Also, it provides easy access to quality face masks until the time it becomes affordable to the vulnerable sections.


Moreover, these masks are being prepared by trained workers in our facility. In this process, this campaign helps in generating employment too.

Our first milestone is to reach out to at least 1000 workers in one month. 


Each one of the workers would be given 10 masks initially.


What Can You Do
  1. You can support the campaign by contributing in part or in full.
  2. You can also spread the word among your family and friends for generating support to the campaign.
What You Get
  1. Progress report of the campaign
  2. Thank you messages
  3. Gifts from an exclusive range of recipes of Under The Tree.
Branding Opportunity

We can insert your brand tag in masks if you decide to sponsor the campaign for one month.


Who We Are

Started in 2014 to work in the field of education, Under The Tree has grown both in scope and scale over the years. We work in three inter-related fields of nutrition, education and skill development to create a sustainable future for humanity.

Our Mission

We take a holistic view of life for a sustainable future through social transformation and personal development.

To encourage, engage, and equip vulnerable sections through education to believe in the possibilities.

To build an integrated Nutrition Agenda that addresses the wide spectrum of diet-related chronic diseases.

To make the disadvantaged self-sufficient and empower society through a sustainable development model.

What we Do

We make a difference in the lives of people through mapping out nutritional, educational and skill needs.



Skill Development

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We make a difference in the lives of people through mapping out nutritional, educational and skill needs.


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