Nutritious Meals For Underprivileged Children

Give a child an opportunity to fight malnutrition. We work with an integrated Nutrition Agenda that addresses the wide spectrum of diet-related chronic diseases.

Malnutrition is both the cause and effect of poverty and ill health, and follows a cyclical, inter-generational pattern. It is inextricably linked with illiteracy, especially female illiteracy, lack of safe drinking water and proper sanitation, ignorance, lack of awareness and ill health. It creates its own cycle within the large cycle of poverty.

Malnutrition in India continues to be at a high level. Almost 70% of children are anemic. 22% children are born with low birth weight. Child malnutrition is both the result of economic conditions and poor nutritional awareness. Nutrition education and extension has been recognized as one of the long-term sustainable interventions essential to tackle the problem of malnutrition and to generate awareness and to promote the nutrition status of the country.

Where does Your Contribution Go
  1. We provide one time nutritious food to children daily. The food is prepared as per nutritional requirements of the Under The Tree children. All our food is served in clean open environment. We serve only freshly cooked food prepared in our hygienic kitchen. We monitor the nutritional profiles of the children on bi-monthly basis.
  2. We organise special health awareness camps for all ages.
What can you do
  1. You can contribute to provide nutritious meals to children
  2. You can spread awareness about the campaign among your family and friends
  3. You can sponsor meals for special occasions, anniversaries, etc.
  4. You can participate in health awareness camps and share your thoughts.
What You Get
  1. You get regular updates about the campaign.
  2. You get an e-certificate of appreciation in recognition of your contribution towards the cause.
  3. You get a chance to come and meet the children at special occasions.
  4. You get exclusive gifts of choicest preparations from Under The Tree kitchen.  



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We make a difference in the lives of people through mapping out nutritional, educational and skill needs.


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