Meal First

COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global shock that magnifies the impact of inequality, hitting the poor the hardest. Frontline workers are among the most exposed to the virus and the least able to absorb its financial impact. The hardest hit is the poor who were already struggling.

As you are aware that UnderTheTree has been running a Nutrition Program for underprivileged children in NOIDA. Around 100 children are provided nutritious breakfast and lunch free daily as part of the program. Most of these are children of migrant workers and daily wagers.
There are many families from these sections who are staring at a bleak future due to the spread of the covid19. It is hard for these daily wagers and workers to earn enough for two square meals.
Under The Tree started a three-month campaign #MealFirst in March to meet the immediate economic crises arising due to Covid-19. As part of the campaign, the following initiatives were taken:

1. We opened our kitchen not just for the underprivileged children but for their families too. Daily meals and ration were provided to around 400 families involving around 1650 men, women and children in and around sector 135. Ration worth 1.7 lakh meals were distributed as part of the campaign.

2. Total sanitation kit including soap, hand towel, tooth brush and toothpaste were provided to around 550 affected families.

3. Awareness campaigns about how to fight #COVID19 have been launched. A special #HygieneFirst campaign was launched to highlight the importance of hand washing, oral hygiene and personal cleanliness.


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Who We Are

Started in 2014 to work in the field of education, Under The Tree has grown both in scope and scale over the years. We work in three inter-related fields of nutrition, education and skill development to create a sustainable future for humanity.

Our Mission

We take a holistic view of life for a sustainable future through social transformation and personal development.

To encourage, engage, and equip vulnerable sections through education to believe in the possibilities.

To build an integrated Nutrition Agenda that addresses the wide spectrum of diet-related chronic diseases.

To make the disadvantaged self-sufficient and empower society through a sustainable development model.

What we Do

We make a difference in the lives of people through mapping out nutritional, educational and skill needs.



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We make a difference in the lives of people through mapping out nutritional, educational and skill needs.


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